Challenges in Energy
4-6 Jun 2018 Castro Urdiales (Spain)


The energy landscape undergoes significant changes worldwide, with an increasing penetration of intermittent generation, and large consumers able to partially control their consumption by means of advanced information technologies. The new paradigm has considerably increased the complexity of electricity systems, to the extent that the computational tools used to operate the electricity networks are no longer adequate. On the shorter planning horizon there are increasing problems of control and optimization, while new questions of physical and economic design are emerging on the longer timescales of investment.


Each day will showcase talks by leading experts in the area and communications on state-of-the-art hot topics. 

The final slot of each day will be reserved to free discussion and networking among the participants.

The workshop activities will be centered on the three broad topics below:

  • Energy Management Modeling

  • Energy Market Modeling

  • Theory and Methods of Variational Analysis

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